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Injured Workers

We offer assistance with injured workers from acute injury to return to work. We provide a variety of modalities and manual therapy for pain control, work conditioning and strengthening, body mechanics training and ergonomic work station evaluations.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, we can help with your injury. Whether your injury is acute or chronic, we have the skills to help decrease your pain and improve your function. Our Physical Therapists understand how an accident can disrupt your life. We will work closely with your physician and attorney to assist you on the road to recovery.

Sports Injury

Whether your injury is as simple as an ankle sprain or as complex as an ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) reconstruction, our Physical Therapists can get you back to your sport. Our functional accelerated approach to rehab will have you back to your desired activity in no time!

Post Surgical care

Our highly skilled Physical Therapists have the experience to assist you following your orthopedic surgery. From total joint replacement and rotator cuff repair to complex spine surgery, we have the tools to aid your recovery. The use of Low Level (Cold) Laser Therapy will ease post operative pain and swelling. Our focus on manual therapy and return to function will help you return to a more active lifestyle.

Aquatic therapy

Our state of the art therapy pool offers swim jets and four, five and six feet depths to accommodate varied levels of exercise. At a comfortable 92 degrees F, our warm water pool can ease stiff and painful joints to enable you to exercise safely with minimal trauma to your body. Our trained Physical Therapists can develop an exercise program that is right for you.


ASTYM or Augmented Soft Tissue Mobilization is a new technique that addresses problems such as scarring, fibrosis and degeneration that occurs in soft tissues. These can develop from trauma, surgery or overuse. The ASTYM system uses ergonomic tools along the surface of the skin to locate the area of the problem and direct treatment. Along with exercises and activities, your injury will heal and allow you to return to more normal activity. We have the only ASTYM certified Physical Therapist in the Flathead Valley!

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Low Level (cold) Laser

We are the only Physical Therapy clinic in the Flathead Valley with a Thor Laser.  Low Level Laser or Cold Laser Therapy is a proven and highly effective treatment that uses red and infrared light to increase local micro circulation, accelerate tissue repair, reduce pain and decrease inflammation. Our Physical Therapists utilize laser treatment for a variety of conditions including tendonitis, fractures, muscle tears and strains to enhance your injury recovery.